CUBA Oracle and MongoDB

Hello everyone.

Has anyone tried to connect with mongodb? How was it in the process ?, I have the need to connect to take readings reported by a device. Due to the quantity, these are stored in mongo and then from CUBA to process them in different graphics. We will build the entire backend with CUBA and we will use Polymer or Angular as frontend. I thought that maybe you can build a separate backend I do not know with spring boot to expose the services that will consult the information in mongo and in CUBA to process what will go in relational database. Any suggestions?


Nelson F.

I found this example, then I could use in theory from cuba directly mongo using spring data.

@knstvk, What do you think about it?


You can use any NoSQL solution that has Java connector, including MongoDB. As for entity mapping, you can use non-persistent entities, probably, it will require some additional manipulations or even manual data mapping. Unfortunately, standard generic filter UI component and other DB-related features of the platform will not work with this storage. If we are talking about programmatic access to Mongo from CUBA - there are no problems with that, just use the standard Mongo Java driver.

As an example of such integration, Mario David published the blog post about DynamoDB integration in CUBA.