CUBA - New entity in JSON Format


So I have imported a new entity (database table) from MariaDB which the table provides data and some of it is in JSON format, since usually when I import database table, it will automatically create a column on the browse page depending on the data itself, but since it is in JSON format the data is not separated by column, is there any idea or solutions so I can display my data table of JSON format and separate it into each its own column.


I would begin by searching for JSOn to JPA converter, then play with it, and then if good write a load delegate to replace the default entity loader, to populate the columns from the JPA field. Ofc, these fields will need to be predefined in the entity.
EclipseLink seems to support JSON conversion and mapping to JPA Converting Objects to and from JSON Documents so can look into that too.

Another thing that comes to my mind is to use some sort of database view, or procedure to create a table that would extract from JOSN into a normal table column, but I don’t think MySQL can do it.