CUBA is truly amazing, and probably a life (company) saver!

(This basically mirrors what @robert.gilbert said in his post Why is Cuba-Platform not more widely used (or known)? but I thought I’d add my praise too.)

I’ve been employed as a programmer for (ACK!) 40 years, 26 of that with the same company. In that time we’ve built a fairly large, complex app, that helps operators of offices in a niche medical industry manage their business and prosper in a changing and often complex legal/insurance world. It handles everything from initial scheduling all the way to collections - and everything in between including inventory and purchasing and so on.

It is currently written in DataFlex - 3 versions of DataFlex to be exact (4 if you want to get technical), plus a few side projects in C# that interact with the system via files in a DSL I invented. We’ve known for well over a decade we need to get out of DataFlex and into something real and modern.

But not until a year or so ago when we discovered CUBA did we see a way forward. Everything else we checked out had major “gotchas.” Not so with CUBA - everything we need to do is right there, logical, and easy to figure out. No more than 10-20 minutes of searching, and I have the answer to the next thing I need to do.

Since around November of 2019 I’ve built what would have probably taken…a year? More? … in DataFlex. And it all works with no kludges or “user gotchas” that we have to train around (and field support calls when the training inevitably doesn’t “stick”).

You asked Robert what he felt you guys could do to get the CUBA gospel out there, and I’m not terribly sure, but I’m fairly sure we’d be willing to give a testimonial. CUBA is great stuff.

(I’d also suggest upping the cadence on new tutorial videos, though I know they are labor intensive in terms of recording/etc. But your new ones are great!)

Keep up the good work!


Hi @jon.craig,

Thank you a lot for your words!

As I noticed in this post Why is Cuba-Platform not more widely used (or known)?, we truly appreciate active members of our community who help us to spread the word the platform. This is very important for any Open Source product so the community takes a significant part in the promotion.

Here are some helpful options, sorted from most trivial ones to most comprehensive:

  1. Star us on GitHub or upvote on ProductHunt - the easiest way to support us which won’t cost any efforts at all :slight_smile:
  2. Help other community members by answering questions on the Support forum
  3. Write a review on specialized websites like or
  4. Post your own useful guides, recipes, advice in the forum How-To’s section
  5. Translate and post articles from our blog on your local resources
  6. Write your own article about CUBA and post it on, or similar resources
  7. Participate in local events, like Java User Group or similar
  8. Send Pull Requests on GitHub for fixing bugs, adding new functionality, localizations or add-ons

Let us know if you decide to write an article or conduct a webinar or anything else - we will be happy to support such initiatives!


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