Cuba IntelliJ Edition I can't see all project files like interfaces etc

Hi, I opened ‘sample-user-registration-master’ project in ‘IntelliJ with Cuba plugin’ and in ‘Cuba 10.3 Windows’ as well. in project structure I’m not able to see all files e.g. interface CheckUserExists is located in, but because Cuba project template is loaded I’m not able see that file in relevant folder in IDE, I need to browse that file on disk. (similarly I can’t see ‘interface RegistrationService’ file)

Am I doing something not right or anysettings I missing ?

Hello @cleverplatform

Could you clarify are you able to find this file via CTRL + N shortcut?

Please note that not all project files are displayed in CUBA project view. Just switch to “Project” to see the whole project:



works fine - thanks