CUBA docs search: rank matches in titles higher


i’ve a little suggestion about the CUBA docs. It would be great when the search results would rank the titles of the entries higher than the results where the search term is found in the text.

Take the following example: searching for REST will provide the following result:

  1. Overview
  2. Application Tiers and Blocks
  3. Datatype
  4. Bean Validation
  5. Defining Constraints
  6. Running Validation
  7. Data Stores
  8. Polymer User Interface
  9. Polymer UI in Studio
  10. Using Native Polymer Tools
  11. Portal Components
  12. REST API Version 1 <— has REST in title
  13. Including in a Project
  14. Describing Functions
  15. Login
  16. Service Calls
  17. CORS Settings
  18. REST API Version 2 <— has REST in title

So when we look at it, mostly number 12 and number 18 are most relevant. Actually number 18 probably more relevant than 12. When we compare that with a google search on the same topic: we will get exactly those two results: first number 18, then number 12.

So i know it is hard to compete with google (and as with most sites it is more straight to search through google then through the sites own search engine), but the idea would be to rank higher the results where there is a match in the title of the article. Perhaps you can tweak it a little bit.


Hi Mario,

That’s a good idea, we’ll try to do it.


:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: