CUBA-CLI, will be changed of database updated?

Hi community,

I create an entity and write the attributes in the sql-script.
So far so good, but then I realized, that I did not write correct things to an “old” script, so I change it into the right one.

When I run the command:

gradlew updateDb

it only show me:
Executing script …sql //this is the script of the new entity

So my question is, if I modify a script, like I change it to “not null”, will be the database updated?

Even if it does not show me as “message”, that I have been made changes?

Thank you

Hello! In your case database does not contain changes from the modified db-script. You have to create new db-script and make your changes inside it. After that invoke gradlew updateDb again.

What do you mean by create db-script again?
What is the easiest way to do that?


After the executing gradlew updateDb command, all new scripts marked as executed, that’s why need to create a new script. You can do it in Cuba-CLI by update-script command.

ok, thank you,
now it works :wink: