CUBA CLI - Continue to work on old project?


I want to ask,
how I can “open” my project and continue to work on it, means creating entity etc. on an existing project in cuba?
Means, when I first create my project with “create-app” and later close this CLI, how I can again “reopen” my project and continue to make changes?


you can open the project directory from the CLI and continue to work with it.

Sounds good,
but how?

See the simple command line commands

Ok but I have to make cuba-cli before? Or just open cmd and write the command?

to be honest, I have no idea, what is a project “catalog”?
In this link I see how to delete, copy, removing, launching but not “opening” :confused:

You can just open cmd and navigate to the project folder using the commands, after that run the cuba-cli command.


you are right thanks,
I tried some minutes ago and it worked…