Cuba CLI - Commands?


I would like to use the CLI,
is there somewhere a “list” of all the “commands” of the CLI?
Or a link?

I would like to see an overview of all the commands…

also, when I start and create a project by CLI, creating some entity and then stop it…how can I again “reopen” this project? How is the command for that?

Thanks in advance

I find the commands with “help”:

Enter a command name to run (‘help’ to see all available commands). Use TAB for completion.

CUBA CLI launch options
--debug      If is set, will print CUBA CLI debug info
--skipVersionLoading      If is set, will skip available versions loading and uses default
--versionsConfigUrl      Url of file with available cuba platform versions

CUBA CLI commands
Usage:  [command] [command options]
    create-app      Creates new project
      Usage: create-app [options]

    entity      Creates new entity
      Usage: entity [options]

    screen      Screen related commands
      Usage: screen [options]       [command] [command options]
          custom      Creates new screen
            Usage: custom [options]

          extend      Extends login and main screens
            Usage: extend [options]

          browse      Creates new browse screen
            Usage: browse [options]

          edit      Creates new edit screen
            Usage: edit [options]

    service      Creates new service
      Usage: service [options]

    template      Generates artifacts from custom template
      Usage: template [options] Template name

    bean      Creates new Spring bean
      Usage: bean [options]

    entity-listener      Creates new entity listener
      Usage: entity-listener [options]

    app-component      Generates app-component.xml
      Usage: app-component [options]

    enumeration      Creates new enumeration
      Usage: enumeration [options]

    theme      Generates Halo theme extension
      Usage: theme [options]

    add-component      Adds CUBA application component to the project
      Usage: add-component [options]

    polymer      Creates Polymer module
      Usage: polymer [options]

    config      Creates new configuration interface
      Usage: config [options]

    updateScript      Creates new database update script
      Usage: updateScript [options]

    help      Prints this help
      Usage: help [options]

    stacktrace      Prints last stacktrace
      Usage: stacktrace [options]

    version      Prints CUBA CLI version
      Usage: version [options]

    exit      Exit CUBA CLI
      Usage: exit [options]

    cd      Changes current directory if specified, prints current one
      Usage: cd [options] Target directory

See Quick start tutorial on Quick Start · cuba-platform/cuba-cli Wiki · GitHub