Cuba application without inbuilt entities

Is it possible to build a cuba/jmix application without using any of the inbuilt entity classes?
Is it possible to avoid creating these default entity tables in the database? If No, can we explicitly delete these tables and run an application?


Almost every major addon uses a database to store its values needed for it to function, e.g. Reports, Dashboards, IMAP, BProc, Email Tempates, to name a few. Even if you don’t use them, security subsystem (sec_) needs database tables for its screen and entity permissions. If you turn off the security, you lose a lot, and even then application needs system tables (sys_).
Turning that all off would be very difficult, and probably not worth time because you use CUBA to save time…

Is the reason that you are asking this question maybe that you have some database admin or boss that doesnt let you create CUBA tables in the existing database?
If so, that should not be a problem, you make CUBA default database, and configure access to other database as Additional Data Store and read data from it.

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Thank you!