CUBA application licensing

Hello, I understand that CUBA has a developer-license. I created a CUBA application where I would like to create my own licensing.
For example, when I distribute my application, it will be 1) limited by the number of sessions and 2) expiration date.
So when a client purchases my application for 3 sessions until the end of the year, the application should do the following:

  1. Not allow more than 3 concurrent sessions and
  2. Stop functioning after December, 31st 2016.

If the client renews a license, I should have a mechanism to send them a key or something, that will extend their number of sessions and/or their expiration date.
That mechanism shouldn’t require the client to reinstall the software.
is it possible and if so, what would be the best approach to accomplish the above?

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Hi Francis,
We have created a sample project, covering your request; you can find it on github. Note, that full explanation of what the showcase does is provided in the README file.

Hi Aleksey
This is almost exactly what I was looking for. I have few questions:

  • what will be the process when my client buy more user licenses to increase the number of concurrent users for the same application? Any suggested methodology?

  • How can we implement similar licensing functionality that you have for CUBA Studio add-ons where only one instance is allowed to run by using a valid license key. Would you please update the GitHub sample app with this functionality to simplify the answer?

Hi Mortoza,

In this sample you just change this string in the properties file to specify the number of concurrent sessions.

Regarding the second question, this task is not that trivial and out of Question-Answer format. For this kind of licensing you should develop your own licensing server (another application) and track activities of your clients, calling licensing servers on application start-up.