Cuba application Deployment

Hello, so I have created an application. That application has several menu items. For example, it has a Migration menu and a P&L Viewer menu.
My client is only interested in the Migration module. Is there a way to package my application so that it only contains the Migration menu? Or do I have to convert the menu into a module and package that?
Also, if I have a Cuba license with 20 entities and 10 user sessions and i install my application to a client that wants 5 user sessions, is there a way to control that or do i have to generate my license key?

You can easily remove menu items at run time for some user by means of security permissions. See menu.xml description, “permissions” element.

You can also provide different menu.xml files as part of your distribution. Just place a specific menu.xml into the tomcat/conf/app configuration directory, and it will replace the one located inside your web application JAR.

As for licensing, you can use free license key which is downloaded with the platform for up to 5 sessions. Otherwise each of your clients should have his own license key.