Cuba and Spring 5 and reactive stream

Does cuba platform have plan to use spring 5 ? hence it can utilize reactive stream capability especially for REST API



there has been a discussion around that topic a while ago you might want to take a look into:

However, are you using the normal RDBMS data storage mechanisms with CUBA & JPA & JDBC? In this case you are probably blocked anyway. See this reddit discussions as well:

However, i guess Spring 5 will come in the next major version of CUBA 7 (e.g. but i’m not sure about it. Generally CUBA has kept up pretty well with version updates of underlying technologies, so I expect that to happen. But the persons working on it might have more insights on this…


I see, there is bottleneck in implementing reactive when using rdbms storage ordinary mechanism

Ok, how about if we can put jdbc pooling like hikaricp ? does it help ?