CUBA and Pentaho (users and single sign on integration)


I have already a BI application using Pentaho Bi Server. It has a lot of native users and access control rules.

I would like to use CUBA as a CRUD for these data in the BI application. The integration (between data tables) using the oracle database is already done.

The problem is the users and access integration. How can I make a single sign on/access control rules between these two systems?

Hi Igor,

We are trying to embed Pentaho into CUBA. Currently, we are working on authentification CUBA users in Pentaho. We have two options:

  • Send user/password in URL params from CUBA to Pentaho
  • Generate token in CUBA. Sent it to Pentaho and authenticate by token

I’ll answer you in a few days after our research.

Ok, Andrey. I´ll wait for more details.

What I am trying to do is the opposite: to embed CUBA into Pentaho.

I already did a integration between Pentaho and another system using your first option: send user/password in url to authenticate in Pentaho. Quite simple!!

Looking foward to your answer

Thanks in advance

Hi Igor,

The add-on for integration with Pentaho is finally available. Please see documentation here.