Cuba 7 LookupField incompatible types


Recently I migrated a project from Cuba 6 to Cuba 7.
In Cuba 6 I injected this:

 private LookupField typeField;

Now for Cuba 7 I have to specify parameter set (Integer)

    private LookupField<Integer> typeField;

When I compile I have this error:

error: incompatible types: List<InvTypeEnum> cannot be converted to List<Integer>



What is the solution? I should still use Cuba 6 annotation?

Was Integer type suggested by Studio or it was your choice?
Probably the type should be InvTypeEnum.

Was Integer type suggested by Studio. If I don’t inject Integer, LookupField is underlined :

Unchecked call to 'setOptionList(List<I>) as a member of row type "com.haulmont.cuba.gui"

The solution is to put in this way but I’m not sure if is correct:

    private LookupField<InvTypeEnum> typeField;