Cuba 7 intellij issues


  1. I just started to use the new cuba IntelliJ plugin, and I see that the menu is missing the icons…
    Isn’t the new plugin contains all the old studio features? (see the image bellow)

  2. there is a kind of lag when coding. When typing, every 1-3 characters there is a 0.3 second delay. im using v7.4-183 windows 10.
    **The lag disappear when disabling cuba plugin **

  3. I had to disable the plugin in order to work smoothly, Right after that, I was not able debug with studio 6X and intelij.
    The start output is normal, but when I debug the app (even without breakpoints), the UI is stuck until I hit stop…




  1. We are planning to move mostly of old features to new CUBA Studio. Editing icons in menu designer will be available in CUBA Studio 8 release. However, it will not show icon choosing dialog, and you will have to write icon name manually.
  2. Please, capture your Idea thread dump while performance is suffering, and attach here. You can do it with jvisualvm.
  3. Most probably, you have method or field breakpoints, they can have huge impact on debug performance.
    In debug panel click on View Breakpoints icon (Ctrl+Shift+F8) and try to delete all breakpoints.


  1. When version 8 will be released?
  2. How would I do that?
  3. Thanks. that worked.

To collect thread dump:

  1. Download visual vm.
  2. Choose idea process.
  3. Right click → Thread dump.
  4. Copy it and save to text file.
  5. It is very important to collect thread dump exactly in same time, when you have performance issues.