Cuba 7 ide lost features from cuba 6 ide


After running an upgrade to CUBA 7 I noticed that some helpful shortcuts in CUBA 6 IDE has been removed. For example the definition of indexes in the data model, or the listeners wizards for transactions and entities. Those were helpful to create classes in the correct path. Do you know if there would be a future release including those in the CUBA 7 IDE?


Hi Vicente,

There is a ticket for reimplementing indexes editor in the new Studio, it is scheduled for release 10.

Regarding entity listeners UI, please see my answer here.


Thanks Konstantin,

would you mind to refresh which would be the relase 10 date?

And what about transaction listeners? does the same answer apply?


Hi Konstantin
There are few more features are lost in Studio 8, please seehere my report posted earlier. Some of them are very productive e.g. automatically updating screen when there is a change made in the Entity (with an option prompted). Would you please consider them too? I haven’t migrated to the V7 platform yet due to these reasons.

Studio feature releases will be published each month, so release 10 is planned for the end of April.
Regarding transaction listeners - yes, we are not going to provide any special UI for them.

Automatic update of entity screens will be implemented in one of the next releases.

That will be a great help! Thank you Konstantin.