Cuba 6.3.2 - Disable anonymous user

So I upgraded my project from platform-6.2 to 6.3.2 and was greeted with an anonymous user in my app.
I’d like to disable that user, since my app must be used with valid credentials.

I tried disabling the user in Administration -> Users (set “active” to false) but that crashes my app before the login screen is shown (“unexpected error, please contact system admin”).
I tried changing the file

cuba.anonymousLogin =
cuba.anonymousSessionId =

None of these changes worked, all resulted in above mentioned error.
What I’m seeking is for completely disabling the anonymous user, just like it was before the upgrade.

Many thanks

I tried changing the file to:

cuba.anonymousLogin = “<\disabled>” (without the quotes and backslash)


Since anonymous user is disabled for REST-API by default you don’t need to disable or remove it. Anonymous user is currently used for AppLoginWindow in web application to give you ability to use middleware services from your custom logic.

Enabled anonymous user is required now for normal application work. Enabled anonymous does not mean that anyone can login to system without valid login-password pair. If you check anonymous user properties in a database you will see that password of anonymous user is null thus no one can login as anonymous user to system from UI, only internal system mechanisms can do it.

Thank you for the reply.
You are absolutely right, I can’t login with anonymous anymore.
I found a bug in my own ExternalAuthProvider class, which resulted in not throwing the LoginException in that case.
So, issue solved!

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