Ctrl + Select in Calendar

I’ve incorporated into my calendar cell multiselect from Calendar component: Exception in adding event - CUBA.Platform and rightclick and the rest from GitHub - cuba-platform/sample-timesheets: A timesheets management application
Now the questions:

  1. is it possible to have ctrl+select for cells (not just select without ctrl)
  2. ctrl+select for events (events multiselect)
    And in general do events have state liike “selected” in calendar as rows in table do for example and “highligting” for selected events?
    I can simulate it probably by changing event style onclick… but how do I check if Ctrl is hold
    Events selection is needed for example to display info about them in UI on map …


  1. Unfortunately, the default behavior of range selection can’t be altered.
  2. Events are not selectable at all. Only clicks are allowed.


Is there a way to handle ctrlKeyDown and ctrlKeyUp events? Or get to know isCtrlPressed() ?

Unfortunately, no such information is sent on event click.