CSSLayout, UI generation in Studio

When the CUBA studio is helping generate a screen it uses FieldGroup for different fields. However, it is not useful when we want to make the screen responsive. Is there any way we can generate the responsive screen by the studio based on this documentation (https://doc.cuba-platform.com/manual-6.3/gui_CssLayout.html?_ga=1.63043943.975862276.1479030317) ? It seems that we have to create it manually. Thanks for any guidance.

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At the moment we are not planning to provide auto generated CSS for child components inside of CssLayout, since any responsive layout requires precise CSS for all boundary cases of UI / Component sizes and should take into account UI logic of screen and runtime security.

The only responsive-by-default thing we are planning to introduce is a responsive template for Main window. It will be available in one of the next Platform and Studio versions.

Hi Yuri
I agree there are complexities. I am not expecting the automatic generation at this stage should tackle those complexities but a simple template that do not use fieldGroup by CssLayout, this will save a lot of time.