CRUD Screens to manage an external application exposed using REST API's

I am new to CUBA and so far am impressed with the functionality.

Right now, I have been provided a set of REST URL’s to manage an external application.
I would like to build screens and the CRUD functionality that would access the provided API’s just like using entities locally in CUBA. No entities are accessible from external app. Only URLs.

Is there any built-in functionality to handle there kind of requirements? What is the best way to use CUBA to cater these kind of requirement?



In order to display and edit your data in standard CUBA UI, you have to map the data to entities. There are different ways to do it:


Hello Konstantin,

I’m attempting to do something similar and cloned your project mentioned above at However, I receive the following error when the gradle wrapper is being configured initially:

Build file '/Users/adam/StudioProjects/custom-datasource/build.gradle' line: 91
A problem occurred evaluating root project 'custom-datasource'.
> Could not find method leftShift() for arguments [build_8isbv3p809bunnngtiwfihcub$_run_closure4$_closure19@403ebc52] on task ':app-core:cleanConf' of type org.gradle.api.DefaultTask.

I’m wondering if there is an updated version of this project, or a new way of achieving the results with importing data from an external API.

Thanks in advance!