Cross tab report for Sample sales application

Downloaded sample sales application and tried to create cross tab report as explained in the
documentation. used the same query for the orders band, orders_dynamic_data, orders_master_data.
when i run the report , i get an error. the error pertains to sql query in orders band. could you please help me to correct the error.
i am uploading the error copied in text file.
crosstabReportError.txt (8.8 KB)

Do you mean this sample of crosstab report? The report should have parameters: list of customers, start day, end day.
You can define them on the corresponding tab.

If the “selected_customers” parameter is missed in the report I get the same error using platform/reporting 6.10:

An error occurred while loading data for data set [orders]
unexpected token: ) required: ( : line: 7 in statement [select
 o.customer_id as orders_master_data_customer_id....


Thank you for the timely support.