Creating Custom GWT


went through the custom gwt component example at Creating a GWT component - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual.

However in the very last step, when creating the rating-screen, cuba-studio does not find the import RatingFieldServerComponent.

Package paths and the rest of the artifacts are apparently fine.

Any ideas?


Carlos Conti.


Could you check that RatingFieldServerComponent is placed into web module? See this sample with rating component: (97.2 KB)

Many thanks Roman for providing your example. Relocating the files between the different modules did the trick at first attempt. I am getting comfortable with CUBA but there are still some concepts that get slowly assimilated and GWT dev is definetely one of them.

Now it works. To prevent confusion I would suggest completing the example with the location specified for each of the files in the example provided at

I have reviewed the example and that information is not there. For not advanced users of CUBA might avoid confusion.

Many thanks for your help.



Thank you for your suggestion, I created an issue.