Creating a pop up window

Hi there,

Am trying out to develop a project using the CUBA platform.

However am being frustrated since I can’t get out how to display elements in a popup window.

for example, to create a new customer or edit customers or products, I want to do this in popup window instead of them being on the screen.

Please help me out.

Hello, it looks as though this approach could be really confusing, because it doesn’t go well with Vaadin and CUBA. What’s your reason, why do you want to use popups?

Hi, thank you for replying.
The reason I want to use popups is to improve on the interface.
For example on the sales video tuitorial provided, the elements are on the far left and this do not appear nice.
so I wanted it in a way such that when you click button for “create new”, or “edit” a popup window appears in the
middle where the user fills the records and saves to the databases. It works using css, Javascript and php,
but am new on cuba, If I would learn this I would really appreciate.

Sorry, I am not sure about waht video you are talking about, but CUBA provides quite neat UI without drawbacks you have describes. Please provide screenshots.

on the page where there is a create button, I want to modify this such that on click the button on screenshot 1, the elements on screenshot 2 appears as a popup.


point of correction, the create button is in screenshot2, is the one that am referring to that on click, elements on the screenshot1 to display as a popup.

What’s going on a Screenshot1? It looks rather strange. Is it a correct screenshot?
Regarding your question - you can control opening mode by openType attribute for Create action. You cannot change behaviour to open window in popup (NEW_WINDOW designed for desktop GUI), but you can specify NEW_TAB or rather DIALOG.

well, that’s the point now I wanted to know how to do it.
To pop up the out comes of create/edit buttons on screenshot2.
Let me try out your advice.
I’ll be back after a while, thank you for the idea you gave.