Creating a Custom Visual Component for Loading and Displaying Images

There are articles:

How Extensible Is Your Framework?

There is documentation:

5.8.8. Creating Custom Visual Components

But strangely, example code for visual components is not given is a packaged/reusable manner, but as “copy&paste” suggestions:

5.8.6. Loading and Displaying Images

So the question remains: How Extensible Is Your Framework?

Can you please showcase the extensibility, by providing an example which combines 5.8.8 & 5.8.6 of CUBA’s manual?

“Creating a Custom Visual Component for Loading and Displaying Images”


Note to readers: this topic has 3 votes, but the team ignores this request. We can now safely assume that CUBA.platform has no such extension-mechanism.

So the CUBA team essentially ignores this request, implying: “Its easy, do copy&paste. Or program it within the core, its open source”.

But I think everyone knows what happens if you apply too much extensions to a code-base: you place yourself into a maintenance hell. That’s what frameworks are for: doing things more elegant.

But as it looks, CUBA has no elegant extension-mechanism available - at least not for it’s data-aware UI part.

Lazaridis, with all respect, i honestly think that you are just being an A** (again with all respect)

I read your post.
That is definitely not the way you treat a colleague, behind your computer with your “superior” and “macho” arguments and i quote you:

“Now, I am awaiting a reply from a (product / business-people oriented) person who knows how to treat customers(!) of a commercial(!) product (CUBA.platform).”

Really??? Like if you were a Big Company and even thou if you were, definitely not the way you treat another developer. And also you are just asking them to do the work for you.

This guy: Aleksey Stukalov , in a very educated manner reply to you: this implementation is in the road map, SO IT WILL COME, if you can’t wait do it yourself like in the real life, and if you think Cuba doesn’t fulfill your needs just be educated and expose your opinion but definitley not in this TOXIC way.

The guys from CUBA are offering the best service they can for a decent price i think, you speak to them like if you are spending thousand and thousands of dollars per month for the platform, we all know is not that way.

Every time i had an issue or question they were there to reply, and for our company the Cuba Platform definitely
is improving our develop time. Of course it has lack of things and we have to do our own beans, code, four our custom needs and of course with the Architecture of the product in mind so we every custom module that we developed is easy to maintain.

A Big Hug!

PS: better than throwing critics to other developers on the internet for free, make an introspection first before talking about “LAZY SENIOR DEVS”, nice web page BTW.

To the CUBA Team: sorry if this message if too aggressive, but honestly i can’t stand this kind of things.


Hi Nicolas,

i think you are totally right for obvious reasons. I assume that the reason why no one really answers these questions (at least i did not) is because it was so clear that there is absolutely no objectivity in the question as well as no real willing to get a serious answer. More importantly the tone disqualified the question from getting any answer at all.

Nevertheless, you are absolutely right in your observations. Although not knowing, i would assume the majority of the forum users think in a similar way.


Hi Guys!

Thank you for your words. When I face such boorishness I always remember the following quote of Winston S. Churchill: “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” So, keep calm and carry on :slight_smile:




Best quote i have read today!!

Please don’t let this distract you from the great work you guys are doing.

Cuba team
What you have created is awesome, keep moving, you have the support from my heart. I believe so do from many many others.