Create Roleas a DB migration script

It is easy to create Role using Admin screens, but I have few environments. I need to do any changes using scripts to be sure that if everyone is ok with changes I can just execute the same scripts on production environment and it will be the same as on Staging.
Could someone show me some example how I can do that, please. I do not think that it is a good idea to direct insert rows into DB using SQL INSERT INTO ... statements.


generally you can take a look at my article from a while ago: Test and seed data in CUBA applications – Road to CUBA and beyond...

It is possible to use either SQL files that will get executed when the database is provisioned the first time. You can also do it as part of update sql scripts or as I wrote in the article as JSON imports.

You can also look into this question: Improved flexibility in database initialization - #3 от пользователя jnash67 - CUBA.Platform