Create report chart using sample Timesheet

I want to know how to use chart in report in cuba. I go through sample timesheet.
still i didn’t get idea to show chart in the report.

I would like to make a pie chart of all project name and time that project is using inside report.

Is that possible make a chart like that ? or can you make simple chart using this sample than i can understand the step to create report chart.

I know how to make chart out side report. I want to know what is the difference between them.

I read this documentation but still i didn’t get output (


You can find more information about charts in the documentation:

Thank you,

Thank you… it was very helpful for me

your sample file very useful for me.
my customer need to show the chart in the application (in Show charts). not in the excel.
is that possible to do that?

thank you


Yes, it is possible. You can find info in the documentation and in the sample project:
Sample report: [CHART] Income by date

Thank you

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Hello Andrey,

An error occurred while rendering band [Chart]. Template name [count1.xlsx] Report name [report]
Index: 20, Size: 20

Could you help me why this error happen?

reprt1count1.xlsx (11.7 KB)

when I change Chart to Chat1(name of chart) and also I got error in Xmls file

Thank you