Create new Report Group


I would like to create a new Report Group. I’ve created it, but I do not see it at Reports.
If I create a new Report, I can select my new Group, and I can save there the report, but still do not sees it at Reports.
Maybe I should edit the System attribute at the Report Groups? But I can’t modify it. On edit I get a “System Code” attribute, but I have no idea what to write there.

I’ve read the Reporting documentation, but I did not find anything related to how to create a report group.

Can you help me to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.


The System Code is just a String used as a group identifier. You can set any code you like or leave this field empty.

Normally, the Reports browser displays the table with all reports grouped by Report Groups, see on the screenshot attached. If you still have problem, could you please share a small project where the problem is reproduced? You can use the zipProject Gradle task in Studio and the Export button in the reports browser.