create/edit multiple entities in one screen + refresh entire mainscreen

Hey all,

I’ve got a questions about the following:

I’ve got an Order entity with a composition to Statuslog update messages entity, and a composition to a Document entity, which has an attachment attribute which can be uploaded.

Now, for a particular status update I’ve got a custom button which opens a custom create/edit Statusupdate screen, in which I want to edit 3 entities at once:

  • Create a statuslog message (this is no problem)
  • I want to adjust some attributes of the Order (this works as well, after adding an orderDs source to the screen)
  • I want two fields of the document entity, including the attachment, so in this screen someone can also perform an upload. This seems to be the issue, since which belongs to another composition relationship.

Secondly, after entering the information on this screen and pressing OK, I would like to refresh the entire page from which it previously came. I’ve added a screenshot. The editscreen which should edit multiple entities is the statusLog Editor. The highlighted screen is used as a view screen, and I would like to refresh this one completely.

I’ve found multiple topics regarding refreshing datasources, but I would like to refresh the entire screen because the screen contains multiple buttons which can appear disabled if some status updates already exists.

Has anyone ran into the same obstacles, and found a way around it ?

Thanks in advance!


If you attach a test project with a minimal data model and screens, we will try to offer a solution.

I lost my post trying to edit it. I’ll retype it (42.6K)

Hey Konstantin,

In my example the order entities are called Manifest entities. In the manifest edit screen (which will be a view screen), there are 5 buttons in which you can create a statuslog Entity, and make an update. Each update can be made once, so the buttons of existing statusmessages will be disabled. That only works now after a manual refresh, but I don’t know how to fix it so that it refreshes automatically. Also the new statuslog isn’t showed in the Manifest edit screen, this also needs a refresh

I also have a Statuslog Listener, which updates a Manifest Batchstatus whenever a statuslog entity is created.

The screen behind button number 3 is more of a problem, since I want to create two entities (Statuslog, Document) and adjust an entity (Manifest), within one screen. Editing the manifest attributes gives an error (Manifest already edited in another transaction) which makes sense, because the statuslog listener updates a manifest, but then I return to the Manifest edit screen with an old version of the entity, but I don’t know how to resolve this.

And I also want to create a document entity, and upload an attachment in this third edit screen, but I don’t know how to approach this.

If you give me a push into the right direction about auto refreshing entire screens, and adjusting/creating multiple entities in one screen, it would be a major help.

Thanks in advance!