Create Custom editor ?

How can we create custom editor( means editor without any entity) in CUBA ? e. g. Suppose we have a custom screen having few textboxes( which are created in the controller ) and we need to show the user inputs from those boxes in one entity. Also the screen that is created is dynamic means the contents of the screen are decided in run time. we have our own service to deal with that but the only problem occurs is window actions. While adding windows actions it shows the exception to rename the scree id to end with .edit. It is showing IllegalArgumentException: MetaClass not found for TestData/b] exception when modifying the screen name and id in web-screen.xml and web-menu.xml.

Is there any way to create a transaction screen without any entity ?

You can create screens without any datasources and hence without the link to entities.
In Studio, select the Web Module on the Screens tab and click New. Select “From scratch”, and the Screen Designer page will open. Assign the screen XML name, Id and select AbstractWindow in the “Controller extends” field. Save the page. After that, you can register your screen in the main menu or open it from another screen controller by using the openWindow() method and providing your screen’s Id.
The “.edit” suffix is just a convention when using standard table action (create, edit, etc.). You can provide your screen Id to the standard actions, see setWindowId() here.

Thanks Konstantin. We want to create one survey using CUBA where questions will be stored in one table, options will be stored in one table and answers will be stored in another table. The options can be radio button or check box as per the configuration. We are able to create and store the result. We have created a custom page and custom services to achieve the requirement. Is there any other way to create ? I want to ask does CUBA has any functionality to create and evaluate surveys ?

We developed such functionality for one or two of our projects in the past, and we even did it in a separate functional module like our “premium add-ons”. But this module is abandoned for some time now so we cannot publish it as is. Probably we will revive it if there will be an interest from the community, but I cannot promise any time frame.