create custom data source?

I want to create a custom data source like collection data source with some more feature as per our application. Is it possible to create custom datasource ?

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Take a look at this section:
Studio allows you to specify a custom datasource class in the Datasource class field on the screen designer datasources tab.

I dont know how to create a custom datasource class
When I use UI to create a custom datasource, I dont see where option custom datasource is, just see datasource, collection datasource, …
When I filled MyDatasource into Datasource class field, I dont find any file MyDatasource in my project,
what should I do, or please guide step by step to create a new custom datasource


Hi Thao,

Have a look at this sample project. It illustrates how you can use a custom datasource.


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Its so great,

Thanks Aleksey,