create a large number of users at once in oracle

I have to create about 1000 users at once in oracle database. Can I do this with database script.? If so, to which tables I should insert data ?
I tried to do this but after I cannot edit users from application. I get message that I don’t have priviliges.
Can anyone help me ?

Hi Kasia,

Make sure you assign correct identifiers and set VERSION = 1 if your entity implements Versioned interface.

Hi Konstantin,
I’m not sure you understand my problem correct. I have an application written in cuba. I have about 1000 users using this application. I want to create them using database script (insert into sec_user … etc.) Can I do this this way ?
I have a user created using application and the user created by script. In database tables both looks similar but if I want to edit user created by script I get the message " Access denied ". User created using application can be edited without any problem.
It looks that I missed something in tables.
Maybe there is another way to add many users at once without click them one by one in application ?

Of course you can create users by a DB script.
This “Access denied” message can appear when the framework cannot load an entity, user in your case. Loading is done by ID and VERSION fields, and if VERSION is null, such record cannot be found. Check this column plz.

Thank you :wink: It was my mistake, I used oracle function to generate id instead of cuba’s. Thanks !!!