Could getChildren() in HierarchicalDatasource be recursive?

The getChildren() in HierarchicalDatasource does its job as designed. I call it with a row in a Hierarchical TreeTable and it correctly returns a Collection of children of the row.

Since this row further has grandChildren, what I really want is to return ALL entities down the hierarchy, including children, grandChildren, grandChildren’s children …, i.e., a method of getChildrenRecursively() would be nice.

I can try to implement the recursiveness but I noticed this feature has been added to GroupTable in platform version 6.3.0:

I am wondering if any plan adding this feature for TreeTable in the future release?




I think, it is useful feature to have easy access to all children of item inside a HierarchicalDatasource. We have created a YouTrack issue, see the link on the right.

The issue is not scheduled for any release yet, but we will try to provide a fix in the next minor release, that we plan to roll out.


Sounds great. Thank you very much Yuriy.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: