Correct way to implement Fuzzy Searching (input prompt filtering) on LookupField?

If we have a product entity that has name attribute and name_en attribute, but a LookupField only shows one of them on the interface.
I think there are at least 2 ways to accomplish a FUZZY input prompt filtering on LookupField:

  1. Let name and name_en to make a composition formatted string, so original input prompt filter will work as well. But this way you have many limitations to balance the power and a neat interface.
  2. Override the original implementation to make it more powerful as you wish, for example:
show only one language of a entity's name in the LookupField, but you can input whatever language of the name attribute to filter it out.

I’ve inspect the code, find that it’s a listener registered to the component, which do not have a convenient way to extend it.
Any suggestion?


LookupField does not support such a functionality for fuzzy search, but you can use SearchPickerField described here: It enables a user to find entities by a key phrase, but now it requires Enter key press to run search process.