Convert query to JPQL

i have this query used in my database. i want to convert to JPQL

select,, count(user_id) as "count"
    from profilegen_User_Skill_Link as l
    join profilegen_skill as s on l.skill_id =
    join profilegen_skill_category as sc on s.skillcategory_id =
where = 'Programmiersprachen'
group by,

And is there any possibilities control this where clause by combo Box


Something like this:

select,, count(u)
from ns$User u
where = 'Programmiersprachen'
group by,

Thank you so much… its working :slight_smile:

I create Lookupfield name combo

combo.addValueChangeListener(new ValueChangeListener() {
public void valueChanged(ValueChangeEvent e) {

String catName = ((SkillCategory) e.getValue()).getName();

I want to user variable catname instead of ‘Programmiersprachen’

where =’ $categaory.valuechange.catname ’

Please format your source code properly…

when I select item from lookupfied that items come to in the where clause.

this is not working

select u.skill,count(
from profilegen$UserSkillLink u
where = :component$
group by


**Not working= :component$ **
select u.skill,count(
from profilegen$UserSkillLink u
where = :component$
group by,

If you want to refresh the table on changing value in LookupField, add a ValueChangeListener to the field and invoke datasource.refresh() in it.

Thank you so much… now its working