Continuous Integration

Hello everyone

Could you please share your practice in using Continuous Integration approach in projects within the Cuba Platform?

What tools have you used? How was it been organized?

Hello @petr.bobov,

Our integration and delivery system is based on Teamcity. As an issue tracker we use YouTrack. Gitlab server is used for internal projects, GitHub is used for opensource projects. Both Gitlab hooks and GitHub webhooks provide integration with YouTrack, allow auto-commenting issues on push events.

Teamcity has triggers to build and to test configurations as well as manage of artifact publishing. It integrates maven Nexus servers with Bintray cloud.

Customer requests are accepted with Forum and GitHub. To a lesser extent, we use Gitter as communication channel. All discussions we conduct on the forum as well.

Hope, this way we provide better service and quality product :slightly_smiling_face:.

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@rabkesov thank you for the information