Connection refused: connect

Hi, I’m creating a new application but I can’t test it, because I can’t create the database and, consequently, I can’t . Everytime I try to create a database, this warning is shown:
When I click ok, this error appears: Connection refused: connect.
I also tried to update the database (because the warning says that a database already exists), and the same error appears.

How can I fix it?

Hi @carolinagomes08.

  1. What version of the Studio are you using? (Settings -> Plugins -> Installed -> CUBA)
  2. What version of the CUBA platform are you using? (In build.gradle file)
  3. What version of hsql server do you have in build.gradle?
  4. Reopen the project. Is there a error?
  5. Try to complete the script generation (CUBA -> Generate Database Scripts). Is there a error?
  6. Try to complete the gradlew updateDb gradle task from terminal. Is there a error?

Hi, Thanks for answering!

  1. Version of Studio: 12.1

  2. Cuba version: 7.2.1

  3. hsql version: 2.4.1

  4. There’s no error opening the project, the error appears when I try to run it, this message is shown:
    Then, I apply init scripts, and this error appears:

  5. When I complete the script generation:
    If I select ‘create database’, the above-mentioned error appears (connection refused: connect). If I select continue, the tables I’ve created are shown, if I click save and close no error appears:

  6. This happened:

Please, upgrade Studio plugin to 13.0 version.