Connect to Multiple Databases, Fetch data, Merge and display in screen

Hi CUBA Team,

Firstly I would like to appreciate your effort to build this wonderful tool. I’m currently evaluating CUBA for my company for a project.

We have the below requirement which blocks me using the CUBA or We don’t know how exactly we can achieve below using CUBA.

  1. The requirement is to build a MIS application for multiple projects which are handled in our company.

  2. For each project there is a dedicated database available. For each report and every report in the MIS application, we need to fetch the records from all the project databases and merge the records together and display in the screen. Ability to see the data from more than one database at the same time. The database structure will be mostly identical.

  3. The projects database details will be stored in an entity in the master database and we need to connect to project databases at runtime, execute the query, merge the data fetched from all the dbs and display the same in the screen.

Is it possible in CUBA?