Configuring method to assign a Dasboard group to a user group

Hi, Cuba-Platform team.

As it was commented in Setting user's default Dashboard - CUBA.Platform, in my application it was needed to assign specific dashboards to specific users. I know it could be done programmatically, although it would be great if it could be integrated with user group control.

I think it could be a usual requirement for all Cuba-Platform applications that uses Dashboard add-ons.

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Hi @xlorentep,

We try to provide tools with wide-purpose API and not ready-made solutions. The requirement you expressed, of course, makes perfect sense in many cases. Still, it relates to the business logic of an application, therefore, we will not consider adding it to the roadmap.

However, you can always contribute your own application component, say Dashboard Groups. We would be happy to add it to our marketplace together with other community add-ons.


Hi Aleksey,

Your reasoning is completely understandable.

Of course, if I develop a component to manage the assignment of a dashboard group to a user group and the artifacts to show in main screen the dashboards assigned to the logged in user, I’ll submit the add-on to the marketplace.

All Cuba-Platform developers have the oportunity to grow this great tool.

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