Configuration Interfaces feature jmix details

From what I see in Jmix missing feature called “Configuration Interfaces”.
I wonder if it’s not yet implemented, or we need to use “jmix-cuba” in order to get this functionality?

Cuba docs:

Jmix will not have a one-to-one replacement for the Configuration Interfaces feature of the CUBA.

For APP and SYSTEM properties there is a replacement in the Spring Boot itself - TypeSafe Configuration Properties.
See doc:

You can see how Jmix framework uses Spring Boot configuration properties e.g. in this class: io.jmix.ui.UiProperties

To implement something like DATABASE property source, there is a separate ticket:

Applications migrating from CUBA are expected to add jmix-cuba compatibility addon where configuration interfaces are implemented to keep compatibility of the existing code.

Yep. I was talking exactly about saving to DATABASE. Looking forward for new Jmix add-on (as mentioned in the ticket).
Thanks for your response.

So, to summarize, this feature is not implemented yet, and was added to the 1.2.0 release plan? @krivopustov seems to have moved it there 6 days ago according to that ticket.

Our app makes heavy use of config interfaces as it was recommended to do so in CUBA so we’ll be unable to even compile the app for testing before this is done. :frowning:

Config interfaces are available in the jmix-cuba compatibility module, so you’ll be able to use them in a migrated application in the same way as you did before.

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