Compress Table and Actions UI Component to a Picker and Actions Component

I can see a use for a compressed version of the Grid / Table and action buttons.

Currently we can do something like this in CUBA easily.


What I would like to do is show the same thing in a compressed form like this.


Currently the Lookup Picker Field is very close to being able to do this but does require a bit of work. One issue is the Pickers do not need datasource and property fields as they are not linked to a value but show a dataset from the options datasource only. Also the standard actions are not the same as the grid.

I would expect a set of standard actions like the grid above provides create, edit, remove, refresh etc plus the ability to add custom actions. The list would show either a set field from the datasource or the Entity Identifier as default.

This idea save a lot of screen real estate that can be used for other things. I also don’t think there would be a huge amount of work as the LookupPickerField is close so a version of that with the standard actions of the grid would get you mostly there.