Composition to the same entity


Is there any way for create composition to the same entity. In my case e.g I have customer entity and
I’d like create delivery addreses list related to main customer. I’d like storage delivery addreses and customer addreses in the same entity e.g CustomerI checked, cuba studio not supported this case.

Hello @andrzej.paluch72

Composition relationship can exist only when one entity depends on other entity - an entity cannot depend on itself.

Please take a look at Data Modelling Composition guide: link.


Hi Andrzej,

If I understand you correctly, you have two composition collections in Customer referencing the entity of the same type.
You can just add two tables to the Customer editor, bound to two nested collection containers.

Thangs for reply I try this solution.

ok Can you explain me, nested collection behaves like composition relation ?

@knstvk composition to same entity would be nice feature. For example i have entitiy which is in one_to_one relation to same entity (parent)