Composition in report

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me how to get a composition in a report? I have a created a report for an entity which has an attribute type : composition. Now i want to create a report where the attribute is also shown. I’ve created a report but i can’t add the composite attribute.

Can someone help please?

It’s something like orders, but with the ability to print the corresponding orderlines in the same report.




In the Guide on reports you can find an example of using a tabulated region:

I hope this helps.


Thanks Mario.

Hi Mario,

I looked for many ways to contact you personally, but i could find only this forum. I checked out your sample of " ordermanagement app" but when i try to create an order i get this error. IllegalArgumentException: You have attempted to set a value of type class com.roadtocubaandbeyond.ordermanagement.entity.Order for parameter ds_orderDs with expected type of class java.util.UUID from query string
select i from sec$EntityLog i
where i.entityRef.entityId = :ds_orderDs order by i.eventTs desc

This error also appears when i try to edit an order created with defaults. i check all the videos but i can’t find the problem.

will you please provide some help?
also i don’t see where i can generate an invoice.



I cannot recall which source code you refer to? Can you give me a link to the file?

It looks like something that has changed over the versions from the entity log. Not sure which version the sample app was, but here you can take a look at the latest version on how to add the entity log: Viewing the Entity Log - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

I hope this helps,


Hi Mario,

This is the link
GitHub - mariodavid/rtcab-ordermanagement at default-order-values.


Right, I see. So the default order values use 7.x of CUBA whereas the other examples use 6.x.

In 7 there was a breaking change if I recall correctly for these queries that if you are pointing to a UUID you can no longer pass in an entity.

But you can look it up from the docs here:

<collection id="entitylogsDc"
                view="logView" >
        <loader id="entityLogItemsDl">
            <query><![CDATA[select i from sec$EntityLog i where i.entityRef.entityId = :customer
                            order by i.eventTs]]>
        <collection id="logAttrDc"

But if you just want to take a look at the invoice you can also remove the audit functionality from the screen.