Components using "meta data source"


When using the field group component, it is convenient to link it to a data source in order to quickly add fields from the data source to the field group. However, there are times when you want only the meta data from the data source but not the data itself.

The attached screen is a field group linked to customerDs. I want to use it to program my own “selection screen” as the filter is not user friendly for the type of user targeted for this application.

If I type something into any field, the application erases it. The field will only change if the user enters the value twice. I suspect this has something to do with the data source. Even on the drop down, the first time an option is selected doesn’t work.

It would be good to link a data source to field groups, grids and other components with an option to copy meta data only.


I think your approach should work if you initialize your datasource with a new entity instance which will be just discarded after the screen is closed. You should also invoke datasource.setAllowCommit(false) to disable notification about unsaved changes.

Great, it works. Initializing the data source with an entity instance makes the controls behave smoothly.