Community add-ons are available in CUBA Platform repository

Hi everyone,

We have just linked all platform’s OSS add-ons published to Marketplace to our main Bintray repository. From now on, you can easily install these add-ons without specifying additional Maven repositories in your build.gradle! The same is true for which proxies all the add-ons linked to CUBA Platform’s Bintray.


Add-ons that are already linked to the CUBA repository have this icon on Bintray:


What does it mean for add-on authors? It will be easier for you to distribute your open source add-ons. If you publish your add-on to the Marketplace, we will link your add-on on Bintray. Please note, that if a package of yours has been linked to CUBA Platform repository and you then delete the package, Bintray will automatically create a copy of this package in our repository. This means that even though you deleted the data, it’s copy still exists in the CUBA repository. For the community, it guarantees that their dependencies will not disappear.

If you are an add-on author, please mention in README of your add-on that it is published on the Marketplace and developers can install it from the standard CUBA repositories just by specifying the add-on’s coordinates.