Committing New and Modified Instances, Removal in REST V2

Hi guys!

I would like to create an instance in a REST (V2 API) call and use this instance in this call too. I’ve read this in the cuba documentation and tried it. But it doesn’t works. I get a java.text.ParseException: Error parsing UUID exception.

Regards and thanks for help!


The documentation link you provided relates to REST API v1, not v2. Can you please explain in more details what are you trying to do?

I solved it by using the customer id twice in one request. Like this: [code]

“customer”: [
"_entityName": “ex$Customer”,
“name”: “Custo Mer”
“invoices”: [
"_entityName": “ex$Invoice”,
“payer”: {
"_entityName": “ex$Customer”,
“id”: “63298aa6-44a4-4ff2-a140-9c3651d1455d”


Is that the rigth approach?