Command Line Parameters or Response file for cuba-cli


Is it possible to pass prompt response of cuba-cli from the command line or from a response file ?
This way it would be possible to create cuba application in a non-interactive way or unattended way.



It is already available, just use cuba-cli as follows:

cuba-cli create-app -PprojectName=cool-hydra \
    -Pnamespace=ch \
    -PplatformVersion=6.9.2 -PcustomPlatformVersion=6.9.2 \

It is not that friendly for now and requires all the parameters, but we are planning to improve it in the future.

Hi Artamonov,

Thanks for your quick support.
It worked perfectly.
Now I am having another issue to pass value of Change Prefix in the command:

cuba-cli app-component -PchangePrefix=y -PmodulePrefix=myprefix

It expects Boolean value for changePrefix and it does not accept any of ‘y’ or ‘1’
How can I pass this Boolean value in this command ?

Nazrul Islam

Unfortunately, there is a bug right now:

Please wait for the next release, we will include this fix

OK, Thanks for this Information.
I will be waiting for the next release.