Is there a way of using the normal Vaadin Combobox in web context? I’ve tried to add it as a VAADIN addon, but it’s not really an addon, so I cannot provide the dependency.
I need to display generated list of arbitrary elements which are not Entities…


I think I have solved it:

         //create Boxlayout for it, and create the Vaadin component 
         BoxLayout blo = componentsFactory.createComponent(HBoxLayout.class)
         ComboBox comboBox = new ComboBox()
         comboBox.setWidth(300, Sizeable.Unit.PIXELS)
         //...configure, add elements, etc//

         //unwrap the boxlayout into a Layout 
         Layout layout = (Layout) WebComponentsHelper.unwrap(blo)

         //add the component to the Layout
         //add the Boxlayout to something on screen (if it's not already there)
         //in my case I add it to a cell of a grid
         formGrid.add(blo, 1, c++) 

Yes, that’s right. Also, you can use the unwrap method directly in your LookupField.

LookupField checkBox = (LookupField) componentsFactory.createComponent(LookupField.NAME);
ComboBox comboBox = checkBox.unwrap(ComboBox.class);