Collapse property partially works

Hello, I have a screen with collapse option, it does work on the groupbox in the sense that when I click on the + sign, the box collapses, but the other boxes stays in place (i.e. it doesn’t fill up the rest of the screen) and create a blank space.
Basically, I would like the screen to fill up the whole page when the boxes are collapsed.
Also, it doesn’t seem possible to put the “windowsActions” box after the fieldGroup.
I’m attaching the xml so you can take a look.

migrationreport-edit.xml (3.9K)

By default, containers without the expand attribute provide equal space for all nested components. You have to add simple label element with id ‘spacer’ under the last groupbox. Next set ‘expand’ attribute to layout to ‘spacer’.

<layout expand="spacer" spacing="true">
    <groupBox collapsable="true" caption="Settings">
        <textField caption="Setting One"/>
        <textField caption="Setting Two"/>
        <textField caption="Setting Three"/>

    <groupBox collapsable="true" caption="Reports">
        <label value="Report 1"/>
        <label value="Report 2"/>
        <label value="Report 3"/>

    <label id="spacer"/>

    <frame id="windowActions" screen="editWindowActions"/>

You can learn more about layout rules here:

Could you please describe in details:

Also, it doesn’t seem possible to put the “windowsActions” box after the fieldGroup

Hi Yuriy, I wasn’t aware of the screen-layout-rules document. I reviewed it and it fixed my problem. Thank you.