CMIS and Cuba and a question how to integrate-setting things up

I am new at the Cuba Platform and I have everything up and running. The development environment (Desktop Studio and IntelliJ-plugin) and I managed to complete all the turorials.

What would be the best way to integrate OpenCMIS with Cuba? Make a Middleware Service?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ben,

It’s hard to propose concrete steps without going into details of your integration problem.

In general, if you need to send something to an external system in response to a user action or a scheduled task, create a middleware service and invoke external API from it.

If you need to receive something from the external system, create an appropriate REST endpoint in your web module using a custom Spring REST controller as explained here or here. You can run some business logic or just store the received data to the database. If you need to notify users immediately, use the Global Events add-on.