Cloud and VCS

Hi CUBA team,

From the other post on May version, we can deploy to Jelastic. Jelastic and docker, which one?

I am going to have 2 pc for CUBA development due to some reason. Instead of passing around the project folder using USB, can I use github? I saw VCS check box but not sure that is the one. Does Studio support github versioning? or I have to commit, pulling and sync the project folder manually?

Thanks for helping up.

We will publish an article about the new cloud integration soon. In two words:
The current version of Studio has a tool which simplifies deployment of CUBA-application to the Jelastic cloud.
If you have registered in Jelastic, you can adjust the Cloud deployment settings for your project and deploy the application just launching the Run->Deploy to cloud. An appropriate for project environment could also be created from the Cloud deployment settings page.
For more information see:

Regarding Docker, you can find information here:

On the VCS. Studio has the VSC setting in the PROJECT PROPERTIES. “Git” and “Subversion” are supported at the moment.
If the VCS is selected, all the files created, deleted of modified by Studio will be automatically submitted to VCS. It means that there is no need to call “git init” or “git add” manually.
But the Studio does not commit, pull or sync files, these tasks should be executed outside the Studio.